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With recent changes to Canadian laws, for the first time Canadians can legally grow up to 4 certain plants in our homes.  If you have some experience in growing any type of house plant and interested in a quicker and larger harvest but aren't interested in dealing with the more involved hydroponics, SPEED FEED is for you.  SPEED FEED supplies you with everything you need to grown 4 plants safely in your home.  You supply the seeds and we supply everything else.

Not only will we send you the proper soil, grow lamps, plant fertilizer, grow tent, tent air filter and exhaust, fan and so on, you will also receive very simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.  We have taken the mystery out of growing your own plants.

Our methods have resulted in harvest sizes of approximately 1 pound per plant.

Many Canadians have questions on how best to quickly, safely and easily reach a harvest. 

Are you curious, but don't know where to start?

- What soil should I use?

- There are so many grow lamps out there.  Which lamp will give me the best results?

- When do I switch lamps?

- Do I feed my plants fertilizer?  At what stage?

- I've heard the plants have a strong odor.  How can that be managed?

- What are grow tents?  Beyond concealing the plants, do they have a practical use?

- How do I get my plants to bud?

- How do I know if I have male plants growing in my crop and is that bad?

- How long does the process take?

We have taken the mystery out of growing.  Follow our simple step-by-step instructions and you will enjoy your harvest in no time. 

The SPEED FEED package includes:

- 2 grow lamps for the different growth stages;

- Starter pods for your seeds;

- Various pot sizes and a pot cover to use as your plants grow;

- Grow tent;

- Oscillating fan;

- Tent air filter and exhaust;

- Timer;

- Grow soil;

- Specific plant food; and

- Specific bud boost.

The package has everything you need to grow up to 4 plants.

The SPEED FEED patent pending home grow package comes with a step-by-step guide on the various growth stages and instructions for each stage.

This method will allow you to increase your bud yield, strengthen your plants and reduce your growth time by up to 20%.