LOW AND SLOW - Home Grow Kit

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If you are new or have some experience growing the now legal plant and are interested in growing your own, Division 16 is here to help.

With the recent changes in Canada, for the first time Canadians can grow up to 4 certain plants in our homes.  Are you curious, but don't know where to start?

- What soil should I use?

- Which grow lamps are best to use?

- Do I use fertilizer? 

- At what stage?

- There are stages?

- How do I get my plants to bud?

- Do I need to worry about male plants. and is that bad?

- How long does the process take?

Our LOW AND SLOW package has everything you will need to grow your plants, whether you simply want to grow the plants for their beauty, because you can, or whether you plan to enjoy your harvest.  You supply the seeds and we provide everything else.

Not only will we send you the proper soil, grow lamps, pots, covers, and fertilizer, you will receive very simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.  We have taken the mystery out of growing your own plants.

The LOW AND SLOW package includes:

- A beautiful lamp;

- The proper grow light;

- Starter pods and various pot sizes to use as your plants grow;

- The proper grow soil;

- The correct fertilizers to use a the grow stages; and

- A timer.

This package has everything you need to grow up to 4 plants.