CLONE TO GROWN - Home Grow Kit

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With recent changes to Canadian laws, for the first time Canadians can legally grow up to 4 certain plants in our homes.  CLONE TO GROWN is for the experienced grower.  Your plants are grown in a hydroponic environment, allowing for much quicker and larger yields. 

CLONE TO GROWN supplies you with everything you need to grow 4 plants safely in your home.  You supply the clones and we supply everything else.

Not only will we send you the necessary hydroponic equipment, grow lamps, plant fertilizer, grow tent, tent air filter, fan and so on, you will also receive very simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.  We have taken the mystery out of growing your own plants.

Our methods have resulted in increased harvest yields of up to 50%.

The CLONE TO GROWN package includes:

- Full hydroponics grow system;

- 2 grow lamps for the different growth stages;

- Grow sponges for your clones;

- Specific plant food;

- Grow tent;

- Exhaust fan;

- Tent filter;

- Oscillating fan;

- Timer;

- PH tester; and

- PH balance solution.

The package has everything you need to grow up to 4 plants.

The CLONE TO GROWN package also comes with a patent pending step-by-step guide on the various growth stages and instructions for each stage.